A Taste of Español Churros

Churros are a sweet made with flour, salt, olive oil, vegetable oil and sugar and deep fried. Enjoyed as breakfast or a snack in Spain, generally being the first meal in the morning and the last at night, Spanish churros have an interesting history about where they really originated and why we relate them to Spanish culture (“Churros: The Hidden History,” 2011).

The interesting this about churros is that when you think of churros you immediately think of Spain, however the history of the churro began in China, where the Portuguese merchants found themselves consuming churros for breakfast and returned back to their home towns and recreated them (Cronk, 2011). However, the reason that the churros have a Spanish identity is because Spanish Shepherds were the ones who popularised the dish within the mountains of Spain whilst in Spanish towns exchanges occurred whereby the delicacy was transformed from a snack into a shepherd’s fare royal delicacy (Cronk, 2011).

Churros have become a global success with huge variations from all over the world. Brazillians, Cubans, Mexicans and South Americans all have various churro fillings, however they are most commonly associated as a Spanish sweet. The Spanish present the delicacies as long spirals, they are sprinkled with sugar and served with chocolate (Andy, 2015). Churros are a testament that many of the cuisines and ingredients that we now know to be associated with a nation, are not historically originated from just one nation, but possess a history. This was a common point made throughout the lecture series that was emphasised to ensure people were aware of the history of cuisines and dishes.

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