A Taste within a Foodscape

Walking through Lygon Street is an experience of being surrounded by the Italian culture with an abundance of Italian Melbournians who visit the area speaking Italian. This adds to the element of creating an authentic Italian atmosphere as they are overheard speaking. As you walk through and pass each restaurant, the aromas of the pizza, pasta and sauces whiffs in the air, as well as overhearing the Italian music as you pass the buildings. The rustic décor within each restaurant appears cosy, intimate and traditional.

The foodscape in analysis is Lygon Street, north of Faraday Street which has a collection of restaurants of which the majority are Italian, including a Gelato shop as well as a wine and cheese bar that consists of a combination of French and Italian culture. The price within Lygon ranges from relatively affordable cuisine to some pricier restaurants which are priced based on how authentic they claim to be.

The experience that Lygon Street feels like a small community where the Italian culture is celebrated and respected makes it feel as if you are at home with your grandparents experiencing their traditions.

There is definitely a difference in the way I now will view restaurants, in the sense that I will be able to recognise that some restaurants claim to be authentic however they appear to be confused as their menu will consist of some foreign ingredients or dishes that we may not typically associate with the particular nation. As well as that, there will be the restaurants that will have an original interpretation of what they imagine a nation’s culinary practices to be and what they might incorporate.


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