Another Taste of Frittelle: A Food Fair Tasting

I prepared Italian Frittelle Doughnuts, which are traditional doughnuts originating in Venice and featured at the Venice Carnival. Frittelle doughnuts are unique to Venice, as they are known to be the national sweets of the Venetian State and they were made exclusively by fritoleri in the 17th century (elisabetta, 2017). Recipes, however are now accessible to make the doughnuts, due to cookbooks and technology. The particular recipe I made is a family recipe, the general way to make the dough is the same in most of the recipes that are available, however extra ingredients can be used in accordance to personal taste.

The reason I chose this dish was because after researching about their history and how they are made, they appeared to be very similar to Loukoumades, which are Greek doughnuts. Coming from a Greek background and having made loukoumades I was curious to see the difference between Frittelle and Loukoumades.

I attempted the doughnuts twice, both outcomes being successful and was satisfied with the results. This was a challenging dish as you had to ensure the dough was the right consistency. The first time I made the dough, it turned out with a thick consistency, like bread, however the doughnuts were still edible and flavoursome. For the second attempt, the goal was to make the dough consistency sticky and runnier, which was achieved, resulting in softer doughnuts. I coated the doughnuts with sugar and placed them in an air tight container to ensure they remain soft. The doughnuts looked appealing to eat, so I believe this is what intrigued people at the food fair to give them a taste, leaving nothing left behind.

Conte, C. (Photographer). (2013, December 3). Frittelle: Traditional Italian Christmas Eve Doughnuts [digital image]. Retrieved from  

Images from in the process of my frittelle doughnut making

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